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Amanda Knox Reveals Why She Lied To Police Over Murder Of Meredith Kercher

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Amanda Knox has explained why she lied to Italian police and told them she was in the apartment when her roommate Meredith Kercher was murdered.

American exchange student Amanda was an immediate suspect in the death of Meredith, with police claiming she had been murdered during a sex game gone wrong.

And while Amanda has always maintained that she had spent the night at the home of her boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito, during an interrogation by police in 2007 she told them that she had actually been in the apartment at the time of Meredith’s death.

She revealed to Nightline that the 53 hour interrogation caused her to break down and tell the police what they wanted to hear.

"I was hit on the back of the head, I was yelled at. Police were coming in and out of the room telling me that I was a liar," she told Nightline. "It was chaos. It was utter chaos." 

"The police told me that I had amnesia, and that I better remember the truth," she said. "And so what they were forcing me to consider was that my memories that I had spent the night with Raffaele were wrong and that I needed to re-scramble my brain around in order to bring out the truth." 

Amanda then told police she had been in the apartment at the time of Meredith’s death and covered her ears to block out the screams.

"A lot of cases of someone who is wrongfully convicted include a false confession, where someone was put through coercive interrogation techniques that led them to break," she explained. 

Police claimed that Amanda, Raffaele and a man named Rudy Guede killed Meredith as part of a sex game. Amanda and Raffaele were convicted in 2009 after police claimed DNA evidence linked them to the crime. They were acquitted in 2011, but were found guilty once again in a 2014 re-trial.

In 2015 the Supreme Court definitively acquitted them of the crime and the case was closed.

Rudy Guede is currently serving time for Meredith’s death, after being convicted in 2008. 


A new Netflix documentary examines the case in detail and has reignited interest in Amanda and her story. 

Tags: amanda knox, meredith kercher

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