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Here’s How Far $700k Can Go In Real Estate Around The World

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If you think about $700,000, it sounds like a lot of money, right? Well, it depends. When it comes to real estate, $700k can go a long way in some parts of the world… but you’ll barely scrape through in other parts.

Here’s what you would get around the globe for the same amount of money.

Germany: An Actual Castle


This castle sits 300km south-west of Berlin and dates back to the 1900s. It’s been renovated, sits on over 15,000 square metres… and it has central heating. AND IT’S A BLOODY CASTLE.

Costa Rica: A Beachside Villa


As if this doesn’t look like the most epic holiday destination? This villa is pretty deserted, but definitely stunning and perfect for a holiday home when you just want to escape the daily grind. It’s got two bedrooms and looks like an absolute dream.

New York: Studio Apartment

Image: CityRealty

This little studio apartment is small, there’s no denying it. But it looks pretty cute. And it’s VERY close to Central Park, located just east of Hells Kitchen. The kitchen has a convection/microwave oven, dishwasher and full-size refrigerator. Pretty sweet.

London: Four-Bedroom Cottage

Image: Bushnell & Green

When we say London, we mean four hours drive west of London. This little four-bedroom cottage dates to the mid-17th century and is heritage listed. You get pretty views of the surrounding countryside.

Vanuatu: An Entire Island

Image: First National Real Estate Espiritu Santo

Why get a house when you can buy AN ENTIRE ISLAND? In Vanuatu, you can purchase Venui Island for a measly $500,000. It’s 5.7 hectares and 40 minutes from the airport. You’ll be surrounded by unspoiled coral reefs, although a house isn’t included. You’ll need to build that yourself.

USA: Three Bedroom Home


It’s in Texas, but you can nab a cute three-bedroom three bathroom home for just over &700,000.It’s got a very nice garden and is only a 10 minute drive from Austin city centre.

Tags: real, estate, house, home

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