Posted: 19 October, 2016 by @amydrewsnews

Young Melbourne Guy Still Fighting For Life After Suspected "Flakka" Overdose On GC

Pic: Facebook 

The family and girlfriend of a young Melbourne footballer left fighting for life after a suspected overdose of hallucinogenic drug "flakka", has flown from Victoria to the Gold Coast to be by his hospital bedside.

Riki Stephens reportedly took the so-called "zombie drug" with some of his Heathcote Saints Australian rules team-mates on Saturday night and remains in a critical condition in Gold Coast University Hospital.

His Facebook page is awash with well-wishes from family, friends and his team-mates.

Heathcote Saints president Andrew Conforti told Australian Associated Press believed about nine of the club's players tried the drug.

"It's disappointing, but unfortunately they decided to try something and they're now paying the price," he said.

Stephen Burns from the Queensland Ambulance Service said it's a volatile situation for the user and emergency crews trying to respond to the situation.

"Sometimes these people take other drugs at the same time and they've got alcohol on board, that then really muddies the waters," he said.

"These people are a real danger to themselves and others particularly on the Gold Coast with all those high rise buildings."

"The drug really does present as some sort of methamphetamine product, obviously cut with other stuff, some say washing soda and other bizarre bits and pieces. Why would people put in their precious bodies, such dangerous stuff?"

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