Posted: 5 October, 2016

Sam Frost Reveals Why She Has Deleted Her Social Media

"I don't want to feel anxious anymore"

Late Tuesday afternoon, all of Sam Frost's social media accounts were deactivated, following a heartfelt post about her private life. 


"I just need a bit of a digital detox" Sam Frost revealed to Rove "I speak about it all the time, it's tiring constantly having to defend your relationship!"

Recently, Sam and Sasha have had numerous false articles written about their relationship following Sam's holiday during the radio break. 

"When we're spending time together, the last thing we think about it 'Oh let's get a photo of us together so everyone knows we're still together!' we're actually spending time together!" Sam explained.

"I'm not doing a Bieber, I do enjoy social media" Sam continued "I do have lovely people in my feeds that I love connecting with, but social media makes me feel extremely anxious and I don't want it to make me feel like that anymore." 

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