Posted: 5 October, 2016

A local star has been born and wows crowd with a world first!

It was a proud moment for Tim Earle on Sunday - Dad and owner of the local Rock Off skate park who watched on as 10 year old son Jaden Earle worked his way into the record books for being the youngest in the world to pull off what’s called a ‘flip drop’. He took the crowd by storm when he seized the moment at the Australian Scooter Associations regional quarter finals in Hervey Bay. He failed to land the move at first, but then was edged on not just by dad but the whole crowd and pulled off the trick. 

“You’ve got to step back and let them do what they do. He brushed off his splinters, psyched himself up and just landed it. That to me, the look on his face as he rolled away, was just bliss.” Dad Tim Earle, owner of Rock Off Hervey Bay.
So if you’re anything like me you’re thinking, eeerm, cool! But, what is this ‘flip drop’ everyone’s talking about! Tim explains below.

If you’re thinking about getting your kids outdoors and active, or getting into a new sport yourself-check out Rock Off on 184 Boat Harbour Drive in Hervey Bay or find them on Facebook. They currently have riders from ages 2 to 55, with group or private lessons available for children and adults.

And hey! You never know, it could be your name in the headlines next for a whole new world record trick! You just never know… ;) 

Riders from Rock Off
Riders from Rock Off

A happy snap from inside Rock Off

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